Video Walls

Large format displays can make all the difference when it comes to showcasing your product or service. Instead of telling your customers about your brand, why not show them? With Big Digital’s video walls, you can give your brand the special attention it needs to stand out and reach your desired audience. At Big Digital, we custom-build digital interactive wall experiences that turn everyday advertising into a marketing campaign that drives measurable results.

Video Walls: Show and Tell Your Brand

With video walls, your customers can digitally interact with your brand. We use the latest technology to create a multi-faceted marketing approach that enhances customer experience.

Video walls allow you to display your brand anywhere. Some of our clients use our touchscreen wall in their stores to display promos and exclusive content, while others have an LED wall permanently installed in their office to create an eye-catching brand showcase. Instead of telling people what your product or service is, show them why you’re the best choice with video wall technology.

Bring your brand to life with Big Digital

Our video walls can do more than advertise your brand, we bring it to life. At Big Digital we offer everything from design and building to execution of our interactive marketing strategies. Video walls are custom designed by our team of experts to enhance customer experience. Through the use of LED and LCD screens, our video walls allow your brand to shine by giving your customers a visual buffet while they shop. Ideal for pop-ups and permanent displays, Big Digital’s video walls bring the ultimate brand experience to the people you want to engage.

If your brand could use a revamp or simply looking to attract a wider audience, give us a call today at 888-512-5590 or contact us here.


Custom Installation