Outdoor signage rentals are a great short-term advertisement option that gives your business flexibility and control over your promotion or marketing campaign, with a time commitment that suits your needs and budget. Electronic or digital signs are highly effective for businesses of all sizes, including churches and institutions. They are one of the most cost effective options for small companies to promote their businesses. Digital signs allow your brand to showcase high quality content in front of a critical audience of potential customers near you, for much less than conventional forms of advertising, including posters and billboards.

Having an outdoor digital sign is like investing in your own personal media outlet at your storefront, trade show, or other location.

Considering that the value of traditional advertising is measured in CPM—cost per thousand impressions—digital signs cost about 85 cents per impression, compared to 12 dollars for radio and 21 dollars for television. Many businesses are able to reduce their advertising budgets by including digital signage for short-term or long-term purposes.

Here are some other benefits of outdoor digital signage:

Increased Exposure

Outdoor digital signs are one of the best ways to reach prospects at a point where they can act on your message. A successful advertising approach is one that can reach the right audience at the right time. The addition of a digital sign at your storefront or in a trade show increases the frequency at which passing traffic can view your ad. This increased exposure is difficult to achieve with conventional advertising channels that are more expensive.

Digital displays take advantage of motion, vivid colour, and contrast, which are all elements that draw the human eye. This is important to redirect your traffic’s attention to high-value areas to increase conversions and sales.

Greater Control Over Your Message

The content delivered through digital signs can be easily adjusted in terms of both the message and timing. Compared to TV or radio ads that replay the same content for an agreed duration, or billboards and other print media that require the physical change of content, you can tweak your digital sign by simply uploading fresh content to impact your business immediately.

With this high level of content control, you can exhibit multiple adverts for your different products or services, or even showcase adverts from multiple businesses, vendors, and brands in a single location or building. This implies that you can configure each screen to showcase several advertisements at set intervals, which can significantly increase your reach and bottom line from a single advertising site.

This ability to adjust and schedule the content at will can be particularly beneficial for restaurants that target lunchtime commuters and other businesses with regular promotional offers targeting regular traffic.

Highly Customizable

Your display is designed specifically for your marketing objectives, with your brand, logo, colours, graphics, and marketing message to make you stand out from your competition.

If you’re using the outdoor signage for trade shows, the rental signage can be uniquely designed for each show you will be attending, while maintaining the elements that help to distinguish your brand or business, like the colours, logo, and slogans. The design can be tailored based on your target audience, booth space and size, and marketing objectives.

Custom digital rental signs also make it easier to integrate new technologies into your marketing campaign without incurring the additional cost of updating or revamping the existing system. Renting allows you to experiment with different cutting-edge technologies, including lighting packages, virtual reality, RFID applications, touch screens, video walls, iPad integration, and interactive technology, among others.

Cost Effective

The cost for digital signage is quite different from that of static signs. The cost of a digital sign may range between 50% and 60% that of a billboard per month. However, a digital sign will allow you to showcase multiple products and services with several flips at a set interval without cluttering your message. You can easily change the copy through your computer without incurring the additional cost of materials and labour, such as printing and placing a new vinyl ad.

Digital signage rentals also eliminate the high capital investment of digital sign equipment and periphery while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of modern advertising. Rentals help to keep your digital advertising overhead low, including expenses associated with maintaining, storing, insuring, and repairing equipment. Renting the accessories necessary for your digital display campaign also eliminates the need to purchase different kinds of expensive periphery.

Moreover, you can create goodwill within your community by including some public service ads that are both cheap and easy to create.

Challenges of Outdoor Signage with Rentals

Outdoor signs have a number of shortcomings that can be easily overcome by renting your signage. Generally, renting an outdoor sign:

  • Eliminates the extra capital cost – Purchasing and installing a digital billboard may cost you over $200,000, which is several times the cost of a billboard.
  • Allows you to experiment with different sign locations and messages for the greatest impact, after which you can convert your best locations with permanent digital signage.
  • Protects you from obsolescence – A digital billboard may have a useful life of between 10 and 15 years before it becomes technologically out of date. At this point, you will need to install a new generation digital sign. Renting eliminates this risk. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of new forms of digital advertising as they emerge.
  • Requires a skilled workforce to assist your customers – Although you may need to train your employees to better assist your customers when using advanced technologies like interactive displays, the enhanced customer experience can help to engage and entertain customers as they wait for their order or service, which will improve the overall customer experience.

Some marketers also argue that digital signs come with the additional recurrent cost of electricity. But the numerous benefits of digital rental signage outweigh the temporary cost of electricity to power your digital signage.

Final Note

Outdoor digital signage is arguably the most popular form of business advertising today. The quality of interactive media and dynamic content is superior and more eye-catching compared to static signage. Renting gives you access to not only expensive digital signage equipment, but also the expertise of professional designers who handle the design, set up, and storage of your rental display, all of which help to maximize your ROI.

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