Touchscreen Display Rentals: Rent Tablets, Signs, or Monitors For Your Event!

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To go beyond traditional advertising, you need a marketing initiative that makes an impact. What better way to create an impactful campaign than by using the latest technology? With touchscreen display and tablet rentals, you can improve your customers’ purchasing experience dramatically. Our touchscreen technology ensures that not only will your customers be entertained, they’ll come back for more.

Touchscreen Display Rentals

An easy way to reach more customers is through touchscreens. Big Digital’s touchscreens and video walls engage through interactive games and motion-based activation. With augmented reality experiences, you can keep your existing customers engaged while attracting new ones.

Tablet Rentals

We provide our clients with tablet rentals to enhance their events. We take care of the technology aspect, all you have to do is rent the tablets to create an interactive environment for your customers. Our tablet options give you the chance to market your product or service to customers one-on-one. With individual tablets available at your next event, pop-up or tradeshow, you’ll be able to watch customers learn about your product or service in real time. Our tablet rentals are available for one-off events or on a more permanent basis like in your retail store.

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