3D Digital Projector Rental

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Interactive Floor Experiences
Where does your brand need to be? Everywhere. Unfortunately, this may not be possible unless you have a comprehensive marketing plan in place. With Big Digital’s projection mapping solutions, your brand can actually be everywhere. Our projection rentals allow your ads and images to be projected onto most surfaces so your brand commands attention.

Projection Mapping Solutions

Projection mapping allows you to bring your brand where it’s never gone before. Our custom projector mapping experiences rentals can project your ads onto buildings, vehicles and pretty much everything else. With our projector rentals you choose the design you want projected and we do the rest. Whether you want your company logo shown on the side of a building on a busy street, or one of your ads projected onto an interactive installation -- we can make it happen.

Short and Long-Term Projector Rentals

Our projection mapping solutions can be rented for the short or long-term. At Big Digital, we understand you may only want your brand imaging projected once onto an installation at an event. Or, you may wish to use projection mapping daily in front of your retail location. No matter what, when, where or how long you wish to take advantage of our projector rentals, we will create a custom marketing experience just for your brand. Give us a call today at 1-855-621-2842 or contact us here.


Custom Installation