Outdoor TV & Portable Display Rentals

In the digital age, your marketing initiatives must be interactive and innovative in order to stand out and leave a lasting impression. Display media solutions are perfect for retail stores, pop-ups, tradeshows and events. No matter if you are organizing a concert to benefit world hunger or looking to boost your outdoor advertising strategy, Big Digital has the display options you need to grow your brand awareness.

TV Rentals

In a city that moves as fast as Toronto, you get one shot to make an impression - so make it count. Our TV rental options let you digitally display your brand. Equipped with touchscreen technology, our displays can even incorporate motion-based actions for gaming. We also offer social media walls that update in real time.

Indoor and Outdoor Video Walls

A popular product we offer for rent are video walls. These can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on your location. Perfect for temporary or permanent use, our indoor and outdoor video walls give your brand a boost by showcasing your product or service to street traffic. Plus, with their interactive capabilities, our video wall rentals can also incorporate touchscreen technology.

We offer fully interactive solutions available anytime across North America. Wherever you are, we have a the digital marketing display solutions to suit your company’s needs Give us a call today at 1-855-621-2842 or contact us here.


Custom Installation