Technology Rentals

In the digital age, your marketing initiatives must be interactive and innovative in order to stand out and leave a lasting impression. Display media solutions are perfect for retail stores, pop-ups, tradeshows and events. No matter if you are organizing a concert to benefit world hunger or looking to boost your outdoor advertising strategy, Big Digital has the display options you need to grow your brand awareness. READ MORE

To go beyond traditional advertising, you need a marketing initiative that makes an impact. What better way to create an impactful campaign than by using the latest technology? With touchscreen display and tablet rentals, you can improve your customers’ purchasing experience dramatically. Our touchscreen technology ensures that not only will your customers be entertained, they’ll come back for more. READ MORE

Video wall installations create the ideal interactive experience for your brand by giving current and potential customers a chance to explore your company through a visual medium. Our LED wall rental options take your brand to the next level and are perfect for pop-ups, retail storefronts, events and tradeshows. With our fresh take on digital interactive activations, we bring you indoor and outdoor video wall rentals. READ MORE

There are photo booth rental options for your next party and there are digital kiosks from Big Digital. Each has its perks except with photo booth rental options you only get pictures and with digital kiosks from our arsenal, you get a fully interactive experience. Marketing isn’t just about creating meaningful ads. READ MORE

Projection Mapping

Where does your brand need to be? Everywhere. Unfortunately, this may not be possible unless you have a comprehensive marketing plan in place. With Big Digital’s projection mapping solutions, your brand can actually be everywhere. Our projection rentals allow your ads and images to be projected onto most surfaces so your brand commands attention. Projection mapping allows you to bring your brand where it’s never gone before. READ MORE

When it comes to your business, do you go above and beyond traditional marketing to gain brand exposure? Most companies believe they are doing everything right but in reality they’re doing the same thing as everyone else. With Wi-Fi marketing and pop up internet from Big Digital, you’ll not only get brand exposure, you’ll stand out above the rest. To encourage people to engage with your brand, you need Wi-Fi at your next event. READ MORE


Custom Installation