We unify the digital and physical to create meaningful real-life experiences.

Our content-first approach puts the "think" before the "pixel". Too often, organizations invest in beautiful hardware without a viable content plan that ensures their investments stay relevant. BIG Digital is here to change that.

We specialize in the software, sensors, and systems required to ensure every digital signage installation maximizes long-term value and audience engagement.

To learn more about the various digital and immersive experiences we offer, scroll through the solutions below.


On-Site Event and Location Analytics

On-Site Data Collection and Analytics Enable You To Make Informed, Calculated Decisions About Your Events, Properties & Locations

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Digital & Interactive Displays with COVID-19 screening applications can automate the safe entry of your guests and while also mitigate your risk and liability (all without human contact).

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Best Digital and Interactive Billboards
to get this job done:

We are a global leader at activating brands in all types of indoor and outdoor spaces. Over the last 20 years, we’ve advertised and activated thousands of brands on digital billboards across North America. Our patented Pop-Up Digital Billboards and Interactive Displays are purposely designed to activate brands in truly innovative ways, to create memorable experiences that your audience will thank you for.

We created our line-up of Pop-Up Digital Billboards because brands were previously unable to engage people and customers in outdoor settings. Our plug-and-play approach enables us to set up brand activations in any outdoor location, in just a few minutes.

From real-time digital signage to interactive games and augmented reality, our turn-key approach ensures that your brand, products, and services are always highly visible and easily remembered.

  • Freestanding innovation enables indoor and outdoor digital activations, anytime and anywhere
  • Create custom brand activations that are 100% reflective of your creative vision
  • Add motion, gesture, or touch interactivity to any campaign or program
  • Lock down your existing web properties on our Digital Billboards and Displays
  • Diverse options to activate your brand — via gamification, augmented reality and more
  • Add AI to take your brand activations to the next level
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Best Digital and Interactive Billboards
to get this job done:

Our Pop-Up Digital Displays will deliver your messages, content, and information in highly impactful and engaging ways. Powered by the latest web-based CMS technology, our Digital Displays allow you to change a message or even override entire networks in real-time. The freestanding nature of our Indoor and Outdoor Displays ensures that your messages are always at eye-level of your audience. Furthermore, they portability grants you much ease when your target audience changes, or when it is time to renovate or move.

  • Create powerful playlists that display all the messages you want
  • Enable your teams or BIG Digital to schedule and change any content in real-time
  • Bring in RSS feeds, social media content, or any other web-based content to maximize impact and relevance
  • Maximize your investment with utmost flexibility and mobility
  • Always at eye-level of your audience to ensure maximum engagement
  • Add on any sensors or software features of your choice, to create truly immersive experiences
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Ad Driven

Best Digital and Interactive Billboards
to get this job done:

BIG Digital’s Pop-Up Digital Billboards and Interactive Displays enable you to monetize any indoor or outdoor environment or event, without any complex installations. Our freestanding Indoor and Outdoor Digital Billboards enable you to move with your audience while always displaying any digital experience or interactive campaign of your choice. Our line of Digital Billboards and Interactive Displays are custom-engineered to maximize our client’s income potential and flexibility on a long-term basis.

  • Designed for temporary brand campaigns and long-term deployments
  • Deploy digital and interactive brand domination campaigns with ease
  • Drive revenue via programmatic-driven advertising (ask about joint venture opportunities with us)
  • Create flexible playlists that merges your messaging with third-party advertisers and partners
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Best Digital and Interactive Billboards
to get this job done:

Our Pop-Up Digital Billboards and Interactive Displays enable all kinds of brand-centric gaming experiences. We can custom-build you anything; from adventure-based gaming, to gesture controlled brand activations, and everything in between. We’re recognized experts at creating fun and memorable gamification experiences that enable audiences to engage with your brand in new and meaningful ways, both through live physical interactions and online.

With our award-winning team and our client’s objectives in mind, we create gamified properties that strengthen consumer relationships and drive impactful results.

  • Contactless, motion & gesture driving interaction
  • Diverse library of gaming experiences already available
  • Custom-develop any gaming experience based on your vision
  • Augmented reality and AI driving experiences available
  • Gaming options for short term activations to long-term deployments
  • Real-time leaderboards with mobile notifications
  • Integrating mobile phones with digital billboards for multi-channel experiences
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Best Digital and Interactive Billboards
to get this job done:

BIG Digital’s Pop-Up and Permanent Interactive Digital Displays are the ideal platforms to add functional wayfinding solutions to your indoor or outdoor environments. Our Wayfinding solutions are always custom-designed to your environments and needs. We can seamlessly integrate powerful brand messaging and advertisers to evolve your wayfinding experiences into revenue-generating solutions. BIG Digital specializes in permanent wayfinding solutions for hospitals and healthcare, smart cities, and commercial properties; as well as temporary wayfinding installations for large events, festivals, trade shows, and venues.

  • Temporary and permanent wayfinding solutions for all use - cases
  • Integrate brands and advertising to unlock revenue creation opportunities
  • Drive additional monetization through programmatic advertising
  • Add motion and gesture sensors for interactive or contactless experiences
  • Includes CMS functionality for unlimited real-time updates
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Best Digital and Interactive Billboards
to get this job done:

Our Pop-Up Digital Billboards and Interactive Displays enable event producers to provide context messaging, wayfinding, and real-time alerts to attendees. Provide tangible, high-impact value to your sponsors, and ensure they are highly visible and attention-grabbing at your events. Our Indoor and Outdoor Event Networks have been designed and optimized through dozens of proven deployments with some of the world’s top brands. Reach out today to ask how our line of Freestanding Digital Billboards and Interactive Displays can provide game-changing innovation to your events.

  • Drive revenue through sales messaging and ‘up - sell’ your attendees
  • Maximize sponsor impact and value
  • Create powerful new brand activation experiences
  • Provide necessary innovation at your events and festivals
  • Real- time communications infrastructure can include: schedule updates, weather alerts, safety messaging, and more.
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Data Entry &
Check In

Best Digital and Interactive Billboards
to get this job done:

Our Pop-Up and Permanent Interactive Kiosks are designed to automate data collection and check-in processes at all types of locations. Our Interactive Kiosks will minimize the need for human labour and archaic manual processes. We can design any interactive kiosk experience to be fully responsive to your needs and vision. Add engaging calls-to-action or interactive sensors to provide truly meaningful experiences for your customers and visitors.

  • We can custom - create any check-in or data entry experience
  • We offer diverse sensors, keyboards and peripherals
  • Add mobile phone or gesture recognition to enable touch-less experiences
  • Add powerful ‘calls to action’ to engage people and encourage participation
  • Powerful real-time insights available to help you analyze and maximize usage
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Best Digital and Interactive Billboards
to get this job done:

BIG Digital’s industry-leading Donation Kiosks provide critical innovation to charities, places of worship, museums, hospitals, not-for-profits, and brands doing good. Our donation kiosks include powerful features to maximize donor participation and donation frequency. Our Interactive Donation Kiosks include immersive donor experiences with Tap-and-Go payment processing and real-time donation receipts. With BIG Digital, you can ensure every donation experience is successful and done right.

  • Tap-and-Go payment processing
  • Real - time donation receipts
  • Expand your donor database using technology that is always turned on
  • Fun and engaging experiences designed to maximize donor involvement
  • Features to convert one - off donors into monthly recurring ones
  • CMS tools enable you to change the content in the Donation Kiosk at anytime
  • Empower top donors and sponsors with premium recognition
  • Freestanding and permanent installations ensure flexibility and maximum ROI
  • Plug-and-play simplicity
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Self-Serve Kiosks
with Payment

Best Digital and Interactive Billboards
to get this job done:

BIG Digital’s Indoor and Outdoor Interactive Kiosks enable self-service transactions anywhere, anytime. We support everything from digital menus, to immersive new car configurators, and everything in between. Our self-service kiosks are designed to maximize visitor engagement while reducing your need for expensive labour and staffing. Our integrated payment processing technology enables you to generate income from self-service transactions on a 24/7 basis.

  • We support any self-service experience and transaction opportunity
  • Immersive visual and interactive interfaces designed to your specific needs
  • Indoor and outdoor kiosks designed for 24/7 operations
  • Touchless Tap - and - Go capabilities
  • Add motion and gesture sensors for interactivity
  • Includes CMS functionality for unlimited real-time updates
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Best Digital and Interactive Billboards
to get this job done:

We create beautiful Augmented Reality (AR) experiences that engage your audiences in new and exciting ways. Our team understands how to get the most out of AR executions, as we’ve executed numerous experiences for top global brands.

Our AR capabilities work on all types of platforms, from our Indoor and Outdoor Digital Billboards, to mobile devices, and web-enabled platforms. We’re always upgrading our software, platforms, and development practices to keep up with the ever-evolving world of Augmented Reality.

  • Create immersive AR experiences on all types of displays
  • Promote any product, service, or brand
  • Trigger AR engagement on Digital Billboards as people walk by
  • Insert customers, visitors, and guests into immersive virtual scenes in real-time
  • Execute AR campaigns in any indoor or outdoor location
  • Download AR programs on mobile devices via QR codes
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Mobile Phone

BIG Digital can extend any experience from a Digital Billboard to the mobile devices of your visitors, customers, or employees. Anything that is promoted or highlighted on our Digital Displays can also be engaged with on personal devices. We can enable multiple parties to play games or interact with a large experience in real-time.

  • Touchless interactivity or payment on mobile devices
  • Interact with Digital Billboards and Displays from personal devices
  • Drive promotional materials or extend more information in real-time
  • Complete forms or entry applications on mobile devices
  • Integrate QR codes to ensure rapid and seamless experiences
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Add interactive Photo Booths to your next brand activation or event. BIG Digital specializes in highly advanced photobooth and video-booth solutions that activate brands and engage audiences in truly immersive ways.

Have your brand activation reach more people with customized social sharing capabilities such as embedded hashtags, live social sharing, and online albums.

  • 360 photo, GIF, and video booth experiences
  • Add lead generation and database development components
  • AR photo booths that place people in any environment of their choice
  • Self-service photo booths that deliver experiences 24/7
  • Add payment processing to create entirely new monetization programs
  • Diverse rental or purchase models available
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Lift to Learn More

Add Lift & Learn Solutions to any digital display, and merge the best of digitalization with your physical products. Our Lift & Learn solutions have transformed countless retail, event, and brand environments into fun and engaging interactive experiences.

With our Lift & Learn digital experiences, users can pick up products or items to trigger live corresponding content on digital displays..

Products that are idle (not triggered by a lift) display Calls-To-Action, animated promotional content, and brand messaging.

Our full service turnkey program includes:

  • Add Lift and Learn functionality to any display screen
  • Logistics & complete on-site installation
  • Monitoring tools and features
  • Technical support
  • Rental options of required technology
  • Content adjustment in real-time or periodically
  • Analytics
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BIG Digital offers world class projection mapping installations for locations of any size. From iconic projection installations on massive buildings, to large-scale retail rollouts, BIG Digital has you covered every step of the way.

Add sensors and software features to create interactive experiences that are fully reflective of your vision.

We also specialize in holographic projection installations, where we integrate special films and transparent surfaces to create captivating holograms and AR experiences.

BIG Digital is recognized for creating truly immersive projection installations for top celebrities like Drake, to award-winning 360 vehicles and iconic buildings across North America.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Programs Available
  • Temporary (pop-up) activations and permanent rollouts
  • Completely customized brand experiences, including gamification, floor projection, holograms, and AR
  • Full turnkey planning & service, including logistics
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Custom Solutions

Our engineering team specializes in the ideation, design, and development of custom digital and interactive solutions that are reflective of unique visions. From custom video walls and digital environments to 360 photo booths and everything in between, our team is ready to collaborate with you to create truly memorable experiences.

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