Digital Donation Giving Kiosk Solutions

If you run a non-for-profit, hospital foundation, charity, museum, or religious institution, BIG Digital’s Donation Kiosks are an essential technology for maximizing your fundraising efforts. Donation Kiosks are highly engaging solutions designed to amplify your cause and generate donations all day, every day. Leveraging Tap & Go payment technology and attractive user experiences, Donation Kiosks are designed for robust long-term use at any temporary event or permanent installation.

Support great causes with Big Digital

When people are empowered to easily tap their credit cards, phones and or debit cards to support your great cause, you’ll have no problem enhancing your fundraising initiatives. A simple tap, is all it takes. Our tap-and-go donations kiosks are perfect for fundraising galas, hospital lobbies, religious centers and all other environments that encourage moments of giving! At Big Digital we offer full services integration so you don’t have to worry about programming, software and executing the digital interactive experience. Big Digital’s Donation Kiosks are turn-key solutions that include all technology, software and Tap & Go transaction processing. Amply your giving potential by calling 888-512-5590 or contact us here.


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