How do you
safely reopen under the 'new normal'?

Our new SafeChek™ product line controls traffic flow
and communicates relevant messaging to visitors at entranceways

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Protect Your Customers.  Protect Your Employees.  Be Compliant.

Businesses must keep track of the number of people in their establishments to comply with physical distancing guidelines.
Help your employees and visitors feel more safe and secure while staying in compliance with regulations by adding
SafeChek™ solution to your entrance.

With a SafeChek™ solution at your entryway, benefit from:

  • Queue Line Management (wait times, occupancy levels)
  • Product & Service Messaging (store hours, out-of-stock items, safety)
  • Custom Branding (arrives branded to location)
  • Visitor SafeChek™ Sensors (people counting, mask & fever detection)
  • RSVP to Reserve (hold a space in line via email or SMS)
  • APIs & Integrations (interface with 3rd party systems)

Add convenience with SafeChek™ - RSVP management system

BIG offers an integrated online appointment booking option to allow visitors to ‘reserve’ a time to enter. This gives businesses & visitors more convenience while complying with physical distancing regulations.
  • Book Online/RSVP functionality for “Fast Pass” style quick entry
  • QR Codes for check-in
  • Click and Collect’ options. Real-time SMS notifications
  • Integrated with Digital Signage (screen tells visitors which # is up next)

SafeChek™ Analytics stands alone

Looking for real-time analytics, queue line management and reporting but without a digital display or screen at your entryway? 
SafeChek™ software, sensors & analytics are also available à la carte as stand-alone products. 
No entranceway hardware required! 
Gather relevant data & immediate insights about your queue, customers & employees. If you have multiple locations, you can compare insights between locations for performance monitoring & benchmarking purposes.

SafeChek™ Analytics insights include: 
  • People Counting What was the total number of visitors? How quickly did we move them through the queue/line? 
  • Staff Optimization - How should I correctly schedule my staff? What were the busiest times of day/week? When was the wait time the longest?
  • Customer Loyalty - How many new visitors vs. returning? 
  • Demographics - What was the age, gender and mood of the visitors over time? 
  • Compliance - Were visitors wearing a face mask? Did they have a fever?

Why BIG Digital's SafeChek™ Solutions?



Let us show you how you'll get paid
back on this investment in safety.



We can get you up and running quickly.
It's what we do.



Take the worry out of
managing your line-ups.



For people counting, queue management, face mask detection and high temperature alerts.



Flexible design allows you to pick the design and features that work for you and your business.



Have your own sensors?
Need integration to 3rd parties?
Our team can do it all.

Leverage our 'award winning' know how to address the challenges businesses face due to COVID-19

BIG Digital has 20+ years of experience and has built 1000's of digital and interactive solutions for retailers, brands and agencies of all sizes.  Now, we leverage our 'award winning' know-how to address the challenges businesses face due to COVID-19 and the new norm.  Leave it to us…

We are experts in digital signage, crowd measurement and communication systems.
Industry leaders in integrating sensors and software to create interactive and experiential marketing. We were the team that deployed the digital signage network for the TTC, Pearson International and in elevators/offices nationwide. We got this!

Pick the SafeChek™ solution that’s right for your business

Now grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, retailers, airports, offices, gyms, shopping centres, museums, & government service centres can integrate queue management with product messaging and visitor SafeChek™ sensors into ONE easy to manage solution.

Ideal for Small Businesses, Service Centres, Restaurants, and all types of Offices

  • Highly Visible
  • Outdoor Entrance Facing
  • 46" or 55" Sizes
  • Single or Double Sided Available


Ideal for Small to Mid-sized Retailers, Restaurants, and Offices

  • Temporary or Permanent
  • Real-time Communication
  • Advertising
  • Temperature & Mask Detection

Ideal for messaging & managing curb-side pick-up, drive throughs, click & collect

  • Flexible
  • Real-time Communications
  • Rapid Installs
  • Outdoor Rated


Ideal for Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Retail Stores, Commercial Buildings & Offices

  • Modular Sizes
  • Rapid Installation
  • Attended & Unattended Options
  • Real-time People Counting


Ideal for Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Governments, Retail Stores, Commercial Buildings & Offices

  • Temporary or Permanent
  • Real-time Wait Times
  • Visual Communications
  • Temperature & Mask Detection

Outdoor Only

Ideal for Malls, Big Box Retailers, Universities, Office Buildings & Event Entrances

  • Temporary or Permanent
  • Real-time Communications
  • Temperature & Mask Detection
  • Real-time People Counting


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