Outdoor digital displays provide the perfect marketing platform to show off your brand. Our diverse technology options, such as outdoor touchscreen kiosks, projection technology and digital video walls, are perfect for events and activations of any size and lets you activate your business with ease and impact.

Outdoor Activations: Connecting with Your Brand

Outdoor touch screens let your customers interact with your brand in real time. Connect with more people than ever with outdoor TVs, projection mapping and video walls. Our outdoor projection mapping packages allow images to be projected onto any surface to showcase your brand. Whether you want your company’s messaging projected onto the side of a building on a pedestrian friendly street or a tree in the middle of a park, we can make it happen. Our outdoor display rentals can also be used for gaming experiences through touchscreen, motion and gesture technologies, giving your customers an innovative way to engage with your brand.

Outdoor digital signage from Big Digital

Outdoor video walls and digital signage solutions help you connect with your existing customers, while generating new ones. We specialize in all types of outdoor technologies, including information and transaction kiosks that can be placed anywhere. Big Digital provides a full service approach, which means we take care of everything from ideation to installation and ongoing operations. From outdoor videowalls to immersive projection mapping experiences, Big Digital has what you need to engage audiences. Give us a call today at 888-512-5590 or contact us here.