Comprehensive Event Analytics: Understand Your Audience

BIG provides complete analytics solutions that empower your team to turn any activation, event, or area into a valuable data collection opportunity. BIG’s real-time Audience Analytics solutions help Clients understand the value of their presence at specific sites, and who they are engaging.

BIG’s cutting edge analytics solutions offer the very best in experiential, event, and trade show data capture. Let’s discuss how we can help you validate your experiential investments and get the most out of each moment in-market.

  • Audience statistics (traffic volume)
  • Audience dwell times & Area Heat Mapping (Passersby versus Engaged Visitors)
  • Demographics: Audience age, gender
  • Digital: Number of Engagements on a particular digital solution
  • Digital: Number of Uses and Choices (understand what Users care about)
  • Trend analysis & Data Analysis with BIG data scientist
  • Real-Time data portal for quick and easy data management

    BIG customizes Analytic hardware and software packages to generate the specific Activation data you want. Our diverse analytics solutions provide reliable, effective analytics for both indoor and outdoor environments.