Digital Interactive Billboards

At Big Digital, we value innovation and continue to invest in the latest digital and interactive technology. Our turnkey approach involves everything from the development to the execution of complete and fully integrated solutions.

From the latest in motion and gesture triggered technology, to powerful and user-friendly touch-screen and augmented reality experiences, BIG Digital specializes in all types of temporary and permanent interactive solutions. Our diverse inventory of rental grade touchscreens and interactive video walls are ready to go with the latest interactive sensors, filters and custom gaming experiences. With our complete interactive programs, we’ll create enticing marketing campaigns or permanent installations that ensure customers and audiences engage with your brand in real-time.

To go beyond traditional advertising, you need a marketing initiative that makes an impact. What better way to create a campaign with a strong impact by using the latest technology? With interactive billboard rentals, you can improve your customers’ experience dramatically. Our interactive technology ensures that not only will your customers be entertained, they’ll come back for more.


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