Video Walls & Pop-Up Billboards

We help Architects, Agencies, Brands & Retailers create & operate all types of Indoor & Outdoor Video Walls & Semi-Permanent Digital Billboard installations.

Our in-house capabilities include engineering & ideation services, technology sourcing & rentals, as well as the latest software, content & interactive sensors to create truly memorable experiences.

Explore our range of rental & permanent solutions below, or contact us & we will help you actualize your creative vision.

Indoor: Pop-Up & Semi Permanent Video Walls


We are the global leader in the rental & operation of Pop-up & Semi Permanent Video Walls & Digital Billboards for Marketing Installations, Landlords & Retailers, Concerts & Festivals, Airports & Transit Hubs, Trade Shows, & everywhere else.

Our Pop-up & Semi Permanent Digital Video Walls are available on-demand, include engineer certifications, & come in many different sizes & configurations.

  • Latest LED Video Wall Technology

  • Real-Time Messaging Software & Interactive Sensors

  • Delivery, Installation & Operations In House

  • 24/7 Monitoring, Tech & Customer Support Services

  • Our Freestanding Video Walls & Pop-up Digital Billboards are available for Rent or Purchase

Contact us today to ask about how our Freestanding Digital & Interactive Video Wall Solutions can work for you & your organization.

Outdoor:  Pop-Up & Semi-Permanent Digital Billbaords


Our portfolio of Freestanding Outdoor Digital Billboards bring essential messaging, brand activations, audience engagement, marketing activations, & contextual communications infrastructure to all types of governments, commercial properties, events, music festivals, retails, agencies & sporting events across North America.

Our Patented, Outdoor Grade Pop-up & Semi Permanent Digital Billboards are available on-demand, include safety / engineer certifications, & come in different sizes & configurations.

Latest in High Resolution, Sunlight Visible LED Technology

Certified for outdoor weather conditions - including rain, snow & heat

Real-Time Messaging Functionality & Custom Visual Playlists

Enable Interactivity with Gesture, Motion or Contactless Sensors & Software

In House Delivery, Installation & Operations Services

24/7 Monitoring, Tech & Customer Support Services
Our Pop-up Outdoor Digital & Interactive Billboards are available for Rent or Purchase

Connect with us to learn more about our line up of Pop-up Outdoor Digital &
Interactive Billboards.

Container-Based: Digital Billboards & Activations Environments

We specialize in the development, rental & operation of Container-Based Digital Billboards & Integrated Pop-up Environments.

Applications include Immersive Pop-up Retail, Freestanding Highway Digital Billboards, Brand Environments, Marketing Activations, Event Ticketing Booths, Scoreboards for Sporting Event, Drive-in Movie Theatres, and every other creative application vision you have.
  • Patent Pending Innovation designed for Rapid Installation & Operations
  • Short-Term Rental & Long-Term Deployment Options
  • Always Engineer & Safety Certified
  • Customer Interior & Exterior Branding, Cladding & Finishing
  • Deliver any Real-time Content, Messaging or Interactive Functionality
Available Across North America

We work with your teams & vendors to ensure the perfect merger of digital tech with physical structures to create memorable environments & experiences.

Discover more about how we can help your team develop your Container-Based Digital Billboards & Integrated Pop-up Environments. Call, poke or drop us a line today!

Add Interactivity:  Motion, Gesture & Contactless


We integrate Sensors, Peripherals & Triggers to all types of Digital Billboards & Video Walls.

Add Software & Sensors to your existing Digital Billboards & Video Walls, or work with us to Design & Build your own Interactive Experiences. While the creative applications are endless, our more popular examples include:

  • Motion Sensors to enable Gamification

  • Contactless Payment Terminals for Transactions

  • Tap & Go Donation Processing

  • Gesture Controls for Immersive Education Experiences

  • Depth Sensors to enable Ambient Visual Interactivity

Add interactivity to your Digital Billboards & Video Walls, contact us to explore more...

Permanent Installations:  Billboards & Video Walls


We work with architects, retailers, landlords, malls & public spaces to engineer, create, install & operate Digital & Interactive Video Walls.

Our in-house experts will develop & deliver the latest LCD & LED Video Wall Installations, powered by the CMS software & functionality required to ensure your investment is always relevant & engaging.

Bring your walls to life! Connect with us to learn more.

Digital & Interactive Hoarding Walls


We work with Landlords, Property Managers, Airports, Malls, Architects & Designers to convert areas of Renovation & Vacancy into Immersive & Engagement Hoarding Wall Installations.

Our Digital & Interactive Hoarding Walls have endless applications:

  • Promote & Activate new Tenants

  • Enable On-Site eCommerce Transactions

  • Create Physical Extensions to Online Businesses

  • Promote What's New at your Location

  • Activate current & future tenants

BIG Digital’s display solutions can be used anywhere... Including retail stores, commercial lobbies, museums, universities, colleges, hospitals, and for all types of experiential campaigns. Connect with us for an ideation session to learn more
Book an ideation session with us to learn more about how our teams can work together to create installations that welcome, engage & inspire.

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