Digital signage is a rapidly growing advertising medium that provides businesses with a wide range of exciting ways to engage with prospects and customers, promote brand awareness, increase conversions and sales, and much more. Indeed, nearly every store, restaurant, school, airport—you name it—has at least one digital display promoting a brand, advertising a product or service, giving directions, or inviting prospects to step up and interact.

Outdoor signage is fast becoming the new medium for reaching your audience wherever they are. Fortunately, these businesses don’t need to make a big financial investment purchasing digital signage equipment and accessories to enjoy the numerous benefits. With outdoor signage rentals, you can take advantage of the latest, eye-catching, and customized digital advertising options, including lighting packages, virtual reality, RFID applications, touch screens, video walls, iPad integration, and interactive technology, among others, for about $1,000 a month compared to $200,000 and over if you purchase the equipment.

Outdoor signage rentals are a great advertisement option that gives your business flexibility and control over your promotion or marketing campaign with a time commitment that suits your needs and budget.

Here are some other things to keep in mind about outdoor digital signage rentals:

Digital Signage Rentals can be used across all Industries

Retailers have probably enjoyed the benefits of digital outdoor signage for the longest period compared to other business sectors. With strategically placed digital screens that contain the right message, digital signs can draw the attention of traffic and deliver on the bottom line by providing an eye-catching way to showcase new products and services, promote closeouts, and give shoppers incentives that drive sales.

Other industries are using digital outdoor signs to drive their businesses in other ways:

  • Transportation centres, including subways, train stations, and airports, use digital signs to inform travellers about schedules while displaying relevant revenue-generating ads.
  • Institutions, including schools and college campuses, use digital signs to give directions and communicate with students, as an alternative to the traditional bulletin boards and printed calendars. They are also integrated with the emergency evacuation system.
  • In the hospitality sector, digital signs are used to inform patrons about the services and activities available on and off the property to maximize the use of services, increase enjoyment, and deliver on the bottom line.

These are just some of the ways that digital outdoor signage have transformed advertising in different industries, replacing rigid conventional print signage that needs to be designed, printed, mounted, and protected from the elements. Digital content, on the other hand, can be designed and changed remotely, and easily configured to display different messages on the same or different screens at different times. They can even display content in real-time.

More than a Replacement for Billboards and Posters

Digital signage rentals are not simply a cost-effective billboard or an alternative to posters and other print media. Digital signs are incredibly versatile, and allow you to:

  • Embed a screen into any surface, including a pump at the gas station, vending machine, elevator, and so on.
  • Gather anonymous audience analytics: Digital signs are smart, and if fitted with a sensor, can be used to collect audience analytics anonymously. For instance, they can be used to track the number of people who viewed the sign, their gender, age, and other metrics. This information can then be used to customize the signage to target a specific demographic, or for strategic store design and product placement.
  • Engage your audience: Unlike traditional advertising channels that offer one-way information flow, your users can interact with signs through touch screens, mobile devices, or gestures.
  • Generate additional revenue: Digital signage is a new medium that is so pervasive. It is considered the “fifth screen”—after film, TV, PC, and mobile devices—with many businesses accepting third-party advertisements to run on their digital signage equipment to flip in rotation with their own for additional revenue.

Modern digital signage solutions feature new display technologies, HD video, perceptual computing (voice or gesture interactions), and high-powered multicore processors that businesses can leverage for rented digital advertising without incurring the hefty cost of purchasing the equipment, updating it, or chasing new technologies.

Attention-Grabbing Content

If you’re looking to display automated content, such as directional information, emergency alert and guidance, or customizable welcome messages, then digital outdoor signage can help you to easily grab the attention of your audience.

But to achieve this, your digital signage must:

  • Be of the right size – The signage must be appropriately sized to ensure that it is large enough to be noticeable and the content clearly visible. A very big sign, on the other hand, would be a waste of money.
  • Have good visuals – You should be creative when choosing fonts, images, colours, and other elements. The layout should be well planned with the right number and combination of elements to create an attractive sign that draws attention and communicates the intended message.
  • Be simple with accurate information – Adding too much information to a small sign will make it appear cluttered and shabby, and possibly confuse your audience. Try to use a combination of graphics and text to reduce the word count. In addition, make sure that the text is accurate, with no spelling and grammatical errors.


Digital signage rentals come in a broad range of setups, from low-cost simple signs to high-end complex signs with one or multiple screens. When using multiple screens, you can choose to showcase the same or varying content. Users have an abundance of choices when it comes to digital signage to fit their marketing needs and budget.

And because you don’t own the advertising equipment, you won’t have to incur the additional costs of updating and maintaining worn, broken, faded, cracked, or obsolete signs. During your advertising campaign, you can rent the most up-to-date digital signage that helps you create an impressive, engaging, and memorable display.

Final Note

Some people still think of digital signage as just an electronic way to display information. The fact that it is electronic allows the designer to use a wide range of effects and gimmicks to make it eye-catching. But beyond advertising and promoting your business or brand, digital signage provides in-store entertainment and provides the user with a personalized experienced through the ability to be interactive.

Outdoor signage rentals are a unique means of advertising because they are both dynamic and interactive. They are engaging, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly. You only rent them when needed for the duration of your digital signage advertising campaign. When the campaign or season is over, you return it without incurring any storage, security, or updating costs.

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