Digital Interactive Video Wall Solutions: LED Walls, Touchscreen Walls + More

BIG Digital specializes in large format displays and interactive video wall solutions for all types of temporary and permanent indoor and outdoor environments. We value innovation and want to give our clients the latest in digital and interactive technology that matches their brand and vision. Our turnkey approach involves everything from the development to the execution of complete and fully integrated solutions. Our video walls makes all the difference when it comes to showcasing your company and connecting with audiences with ease. Big Digital’s diverse inventory of rental-grade video walls and interactive pop-up media solutions ensure’s your experience is up and running within days. Our permanent video walls solutions are designed for all environments and will give your brand the special attention it needs to stand out and engage audiences. At Big Digital, we rent and custom build digital and interactive video wall experiences that are 100% reflective of your vision and budget.

Ultra-modern no-bezel frameless displays

Bright brightness and fast refresh rates

Play content from variety of sources

Supports interactive animations and videos

Fully configurable for different dimensions

Available for rental and permanent installations.

High resolution

Quality tech support

Rental and Permanent Video Wall Solutions

With video walls, your customers can digitally interact with your brand and messages. We use the latest in LCD and LED video wall technology to create multi-faceted campaigns and immersive digital experiences that truly enhance customer experiences.

Video walls allow you to display your brand anywhere. Clients use our touchscreen video walls in their stores or marketing activations to display meaningful content, while others integrate high resolution LED walls with the latest motion and gesture technology to create show-stopping brand engagements.

Instead of telling people what your product or service is, show them why you’re the best choice with the latest digital and interactive video wall technology.

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Interactive Social Video Walls

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to social media and audience engagement, Big Digital has the software and interactive solutions you need. Our diverse social wall technology works with all video walls and projection technologies to bring your company’s real-time social media activity front and center. We’ll design the complete experience, providing you a temporary or permanent social wall or custom experience, that maximizes real-time customer engagement with your brand.

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Bring your brand to life with Big Digital

Our video walls do a lot more than promote your brand, we bring it to life using the latest motion, gesture and AI technologies. At Big Digital, our in-house, turn-key approach includes everything from ideation, design and building to full integration services. Weather your renting an interactive videowall for a product launch or brand activation, or your installing a motion-triggered Video Wall within your lobby or retail space, BIG Digital’s turn-key approach ensures a stress-free process, with all expertise and know-how in house.

Ideal for all types of marketing and event pop-ups and permanent installations, Big Digital’s video walls solutions bring the ultimate brand experience to the people you want to engage.

To learn more about our rental-grade and permanent videowall solutions call 888-512-5590 or contact us here.

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