Tips to Hire the Right Technology Rental Company

Tips to Hire the Right Technology Rental Company

Posted by | 12-12-2018

Technology rentals for your events and pop-up shops require smooth service from concept to installation. They must allow you to offer service, atmosphere and glitch-free technology that increases the customer experience. Most companies cannot afford to purchase the technology used for campaigns and events, and instead depend on technology rental companies to provide them with the services they need to enhance the customer experience. Finding a leader in the industry that can create the plan you need, deploy the technology and operate your activations without stress or failure can be a challenge. Here’s what to look for when choosing a trustworthy technology rental company.


First and foremost, you will want to work with a company that has a proven track record in the industry. With so many companies claiming to be experts, you will want to look for a company that is an industry leader and offers the background and understanding of what it takes to create exceptional digital experiences. They should have experience in the area that meets your specific needs, whether it is for a tradeshow, retail pop-up or event or digital outdoor advertising.

Creating successful out-of-home programs is a must so you can ensure that they are able to create and monetize digital and outdoor plans that will work for your audience. To master the out-of-home experience, you will often need a diverse set of skills that can range from engineering to software design and content creation to network operations. You will want to ensure they take a turnkey approach that provides you services from planning to execution without any stress or worry.


Renting technology must allow flexibility to suit the needs of your event. You might need technology for a day, or have a more permanent installation or a travelling show that will span a longer time period. You will also want to know whether they can adapt their equipment and services to meet your needs with cutting edge technology that is available on-demand across North America if you are targeting different areas or attending different trade shows on the road.

One-Stop Shop

The less time invested in finding the technology you need the better. Finding a one-stop shop that can assist from ideation through execution saves you time and money. It will require less staff and provide you with a single point of contact during the planning process. Finding a company able to tailor their services to meet your needs with diverse content programs and interactive experiences is the only way to ensure you are meeting your goals and objectives.

Ideation and engineering are vital services that will allow you to develop award winning experiences. Your tech rental company should be able to assist with scoping, sourcing and costing for your events, as well as providing consulting that offers feasibility programs, so you know you are making realistic decisions that can be executed without challenges. Digital and interactive engineering provides the customized services required to increase the pleasure and usability of customer interaction with the technology.

You will also find it necessary for your rental company to interact with your A/V companies, stage and venue equipment. Some venues have restrictions or are just smaller and less prepared to handle all your needs. Working with a company that has created thousands of temporary and permanent deployments in all types of environments will ensure there are no last-minute surprises such as suitability, compatibility or operational challenges.

Interactive Experiences

Today’s savvy consumer expects to be entertained as well as to enjoy interactive, self-service. Technology-based interactive experiences can cover several different areas, from gaming to augmented reality and motion-based activation to simple touch screen displays. Retail environments have special needs that can include digital merchandiser displays or storefront activations. Pop-up events remain connected with secure Wi-Fi and coast to coast coverage. Social media walls are also an excellent way to draw attention to an event, providing a real time posting experience for attendees. With all this in mind, your technology rental company should be able to introduce you to new and exciting opportunities, as well as the expected live event networks that will add value and increase attendee engagement.

One-on-One Customer Service

Although today’s consumer enjoys the interactive experience, they also still want personalized service. Providing a selection of tablets that allow your sales team to approach customers either away from your booth at a trade show, or on the floor at your pop-up store or event is ideal to provide on-the-spot information to customers with questions. This can include everything from looking up inventory, to setting up a delivery date, or simply confirming specs for a product. You can maintain exceptional customer service by combining touch screens for those who wish to explore on their own and tablets for your reps for customers who prefer the personal touch.

Event Analytics<

Understanding the ROI on the technology you use will help you determine what you can continue to use to engage customers while eliminating less successful tactics. Your technology company should be able to provide analytics that explore audience insights, biometrics and even heat mapping to help you see what your audience enjoyed, and spots they found of most interest in your display, event or pop-up using real time data. This information can be shared at sales meetings, for preparing white papers, adding content to your blog or to review when planning your next event.

Diversity of Products

Today’s events demand a wide variety of technology to keep people engaged. Your technology rentals should be able to provide the items you need on demand, including:

  • Video Wall Designs
  • Social Media Walls
  • Projection Mapping
  • Touchscreens
  • Diverse Tablet Solutions
  • Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Customized Tech Solutions

Your technology rentals should be handled by an experienced team that can assist you in all stages from planning to installation with a one-stop shop able to provide the diverse products required to entertain, engage and convert customers.

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