Social Media Wall

Big Digital – 10 Intelligent Ways to Use a Social...

Posted 21-05-2018

Social media is a new playground for companies and marketers seeking to push their product out into the public sphere. Viral ad campaigns can bring in a hefty profit, and effective use of a platform can propel an event or company into a new age of brand recognition. Read More

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Outdoor Signage

Why Outdoor Signage is as Important as Your Website

Posted 14-05-2018

Website information is one of the first questions clients ask of a new business. However, the website is only one small part of the larger advertising picture. While the website helps customers discover product, a good, functional outdoor signage will direct new clients to the actual storefront. Read More

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Choosing best LED display

How To Choose The Best LED Display

Posted 07-05-2018

BIG Digital is a leading pioneer in the creation, deployment and operation of pop-up digital signage as well as campaigns. Headquartered in North America, the company has a track record of over fifteen years leading and succeeding in their industry. Read More

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Social Media Marketing and brand events

How to Integrate Social Media Marketing into Brand Events

Posted 10-04-2018

Brand events are great opportunities for social media marketing. Marketers can increase their ROI by following these three techniques that flow from before the event till well after. The event itself is not the only time you can promote engagement. Read More

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