Social Media Wall

Big Digital – 10 Intelligent Ways to Use a Social...

Posted 21-05-2018

Social media is a new playground for companies and marketers seeking to push their product out into the public sphere. Viral ad campaigns can bring in a hefty profit, and effective use of a platform can propel an event or company into a new age of brand recognition. Read More

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Outdoor Signage

Why Outdoor Signage is as Important as Your Website

Posted 14-05-2018

Website information is one of the first questions clients ask of a new business. However, the website is only one small part of the larger advertising picture. While the website helps customers discover product, a good, functional outdoor signage will direct new clients to the actual storefront. Read More

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Choosing best LED display

How To Choose The Best LED Display

Posted 07-05-2018

BIG Digital is a leading pioneer in the creation, deployment and operation of pop-up digital signage as well as campaigns. Headquartered in North America, the company has a track record of over fifteen years leading and succeeding in their industry. Read More

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