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Why Outdoor Signage is as Important as Your Website

Posted by | 14-05-2018

Website information is one of the first questions clients ask of a new business. However, the website is only one small part of the larger advertising picture. While the website helps customers discover product, a good, functional outdoor signage will direct new clients to the actual storefront.

Customers approach a website to get to know a new brand. They approach a storefront to get personal with that brand. Consider the customer who discovers products on a website, but has more questions about the product. Instead of inquiring via email, he instead looks up the address of the brick-and-mortar shop. He intends to walk into the shop to inquire personally. A shop without outdoor signage can deter this potential customer who may not be able to find the shop, or who may be nervous walking into an unknown building.

Even though consumers have become accustomed to website services, a regular or digital sign is still expected on a brick-and-mortar. In fact, if a business does not have a sign, or has one that looks unprofessional, customers will walk away. Customers trust a business that has attended to its appearances. Consider a business that has a paper sign, a flimsy sign, or worse, no sign at all. People get nervous around these types of businesses. Will they be there tomorrow? Are they able to focus on quality - of their products or services? It is better to invest in a sturdy sign to draw people in to the business; first impressions matter.

Signs also bring in foot traffic. While websites remain a large draw for new customers, foot traffic has also come back. People walk into stores based on the attractiveness of the sign. This also encourages word-of-mouth advertising, as customers often talk amongst themselves about the amazing products they find at the local shop. When a customer is pulled into a shop by the sign, that sign becomes integral in making sure others also find the shop once the word spreads. The sign on the shop is as important than, if sometimes more important than, the store's website.

The kind of sign depends on the type of business. Some stores are able to use a simpler sign, while others need digital signage. The biggest advantage to digital signage is the ability to use it at night and the ease of changing the message. These signs are available to mount on buildings, or as placard-type signs in front. There are an array of choices for business owners choose which works best.

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