Social Media Marketing and brand events

How to Integrate Social Media Marketing into Brand Events

Posted by | 10-04-2018

Brand events are great opportunities for social media marketing. Marketers can increase their ROI by following these three techniques that flow from before the event till well after. The event itself is not the only time you can promote engagement.

A common misconception about these events is that only those that attend are interested. Companies owe it to their followers to keep them involved just as much as they are.

What is a marketer to do to not only invoke interest but keep it? Here are three techniques to keep in mind starting from the beginning:

1. Generate buzz before the event

How will your customers know about your brand activation?

Simple. Tell them!

Customers only know what you tell them. Don’t wait till the day of the event to send out invites or create awareness. Facebook makes this easy by letting you set up events so your followers not only know about the event, but you can keep track of how many plan on attending.

Encourage followers to share the event and spread the word. The loyal fanbase you’ve built up to this point will come in handy creating a measurable amount of viral engagement in the lead up to the big day.

2. Share pictures, videos, and even going live if possible

Now that the event is underway, you need to capitalize so share as much content as possible. Going “live” on whatever social media platform you have the most engagement is a good place to start. Followers will be able to tune in just to see what is going on. It also gives those that did not attend the event the chance to get a peek on what they missed.

Pictures and videos are a great runner up to going live. Live streams may be lost to time if you not saved, but a picture is still worth a thousand words. Videos are worth even more. Try to capture the feeling of being there.

3. Keep the buzz going

Just because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s time to move on. Any photos or videos that were not uploaded the day of event can be used after. Recap the event and explain all that happened. Keeping the awareness after the event is just as important as the awareness before.

Even after the event, followers can get a feel of what it was like being there. Those that were hesitant to attend this event will probably be more inclined to go to the next one now that they know what to expect.

These simple techniques to follow should be a part of your social media marketing plans for any brand events. Followers should be aware from the beginning to the end.

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