How To Use Video Walls As Collaboration Tools At Brand Events

How to Use Video Walls as Collaboration Tools at Brand Events

Posted by | 11-06-2018

Today's business environment has made video conferencing essential. It's as normal a part of day-to-day business life as email. Technology and software are both growing at unprecedented rates, and these technical evolutions have allowed the decision makers in businesses to access more information than ever before.

Why Is A Video Wall Useful?

In this type of environment, a video wall solution will help you manage an organization's visual information in an effective and efficient manner. The users of the video wall could be in the field on a mobile device, at a desktop, or in a control room. Regardless of location, users will be able to access the same information in real time.

Video wall solutions allow employees to collaborate and share large amounts of data, images, or video. These can be combined to create dynamic presentations targeting specific audiences. The following examples are places in which digital signage is used:

  • Department stores
  • Retail outlets
  • Sports and entertainment venues
  • Government signs
  • Banking information signs
  • Insurance company signs
  • Signs on transportation vehicles
  • Hotel advertisements
  • Digital school announcements

Using a video wall will improve overall team collaboration and focus participants' attention on the important issues.

How Video Walls Benefit Companies

Video walls are being used in more and more industries around the world. There have been multiple innovations in video-display resolutions and LCD displays. Video walls are able to refresh the media they're displaying on a regular basis, which means that content can be updated in real time and keep audiences interested and informed.

The walls can also benefit from remote management, so there's no need for on-site personnel. This helps to increase efficiency and save money. Another benefit is the fact that walls can be used both indoors and outdoors, as well as in both mobile and fixed configurations, which means that you have an incredibly versatile ability to reach your target audience.

The following data contributes to the efficacy and evolution of video wall setups:

Prices have steadily dropped as the technology becomes more widely available

The walls can integrate seamlessly with smartphones, desktops, tablets, web browsers, and even whiteboards

It's possible to mirror the walls so that teams can collaborate across multiple locations

Walls can be used for large-scale video conferencing

Before Your Brand Event

Brand events are one of the most important aspects of building a brand for your company. Companies should always make sure their brand is an important part of an event, even if it isn't the sole focus. Branding might be as simple as imagery of the logo or more complex.

When companies are throwing brand events, they'll want to focus on image over data. This means that consumers should leave with an image of what the company is rather than an oversaturation of facts and statistics. This image might be as simple as a logo or color design. The main point is that the attendees remember your business after they leave.

Integrating A Video Wall Into Your Brand Event

There are multiple different ways that you can integrate a video wall into your brand event, using it both as a display and as a collaboration tool. The way you use the wall will depend on the unique specifications of your event and brand.

First of all, you should follow these steps for the initial setup of your wall before the brand event even begins:

Choose the Right Place for Your Video Wall

This should be somewhere that the intended audience will easily have their attention drawn. You should have a working knowledge of the wall's square footage, the cooling needs of the wall, the presence of ambient light, and whether the setup will be on-wall or recessed.

Work With System Integrators Who Know How to Do Their Job

Invest in experienced system integrators who are familiar with the operation of this particular video wall model.

Identify your goals prior to installation

Understand the marketing tactics you're using for your brand, and only use the video wall to work toward these tactics. Consider your long-term marketing goals, budget, location, and the type of content you want to display.

Understand the effectiveness of your content

Hardware for a video wall isn't a one-size-fits-all deal. The hardware will shift depending on the content that you intend to display. Images and videos use different hardware types. Similarly, interactive walls will need different hardware.

Make the content fresh and eye-catching

Don't recycle old messages or advertisements. Brand events are a great time to showcase new content that adheres to your particular brand.

A Video Wall As Collaboration With Employees

One of the simplest ways to use a video wall to your advantage is by integrating them behind the scenes. Instead of having your target audience view them, your employees will receive updated information regarding the brand. Using video walls for employee collaboration is ideal for the following reasons:

  • Employees in all areas of the brand event will be able to access real-time updates
  • Employees will have a central area from which to take their information
  • Crucial changes can be more easily made on a large screen than a smaller one
  • A Video Wall As Collaboration With Consumers

When you use a video wall at your brand event, you might want it to be front and center. Consumers can view and interact with the wall itself, and your brand event might be optimized by having an easily viewable digital format.

The following ideas can help you collaborate with consumers through the use of a video wall:

  • Display your brand logo, a graphic about a new product line, or any other images related to your main product and brand.
  • Create interactive graphics by allowing consumers to touch the video wall to educate themselves about the brand and your services.
  • Use the video wall to showcase dynamic presentations regarding the brand and future of the company.
Where to Rent a Video Wall for Your Brand Event

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