Choosing best LED display

How To Choose The Best LED Display

Posted by | 07-05-2018

BIG Digital is a leading pioneer in the creation, deployment and operation of pop-up digital signage as well as campaigns. Headquartered in North America, the company has a track record of over fifteen years leading and succeeding in their industry. Their interests in digital spans also to interactive experiences for situations such as tech signs, retail, trade shows, outdoor environments as well as other events. They also create as well as monetize LED display for outdoor or out-of-home/out-of-office programs. They are also invested in related fields, such as designing software platforms, content creation, network operations as well as engineering. Their mission is to alleviate the pressure of sourcing, planning and executing both digital and interactive experiences.

The company provides a varied range of services. Under the service of Digital Display Rentals, LED display as well as interactive technology enables both indoor and outdoor video display on walls. They also offer full interactive solutions and are accessible any time of the day in North America. Under gaming experiences, the digital signage of the company is used in technology-based interactive solutions for all aspects and environments. These include the involvement of virtual reality, motion sensing activations, as well as a touchscreen gaming niche. Under the pop up retail service, the tech signs used include the unique and up to date digital as well as interactive solutions to retail aspects. These solutions are to issues like pop-up retail as well as storefront activation and display of digital merchandise.

Outdoor solutions provided by the company are regarding activations that can connect people who have brands. This service entails: renting out outdoor displays, giving a diverse experience in gaming, and making customized fabricated containers. Under the function of projection mapping, the intricate details entail the customised projection of digital signage or tech signs that are led displays on buildings as well as vehicles. This service includes both indoor and outdoor environments, providing either short or a long-term program for the client, or doing feasibility assessments. Services that entail the Out Of Home Innovation means that the company can ease the landscape of the outdoor environment. The services given include: innovative outdoor media, deployments of a complex digitised network, and the expertise of the whole issue thus save the clients a considerate amount of money as well as time.

Another service they provide entails the pop-up event internet where they offer a secure link for WI-FI to events and other activities. These services are coast to coast coverage as well as simple plug and play options and programs dealing with WI-FI marketing. The following link talks further about WI-FI marketing.

Under idea formation and engineering, the company enhances at an earlier stage the outsourcing of ideas and actualising them. This entails consulting as well as feasibility programs, digital or interactive design, and costing, scoping & sourcing of the executions. Under Event Analytic services, the real-time data is analyzed. This is done for events entailing Biometrics as well as heat-mapping or heat signatures and Audience Insights.

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