Powerful Tips To Attract More Visitors To Your Trade Show Booth

8 Powerful Tips To Attract More Visitors To Your Trade Show Booth

Posted by | 09-07-2018

Trade shows are a great way to showcase the innovations that have been made across different industries. If you've guaranteed yourself a spot in your industry's approaching trade show, you might be wondering how best to prepare. A trade booth will bear your company's logo and branding, and you'll need to do networking and outreach to meet other industry people.

It's important for the trade show attendees to notice your booth. Your booth should have a professional air while standing out from the crowd. Visitors might include potential clients for the future, along with important networking connections.

These eight tips for trade show booths will help you increase your aesthetic appeal during digital events.

  1. Make sure the booth has been infused with your brand

    Even the most untrained startups understand the importance of branding for your business. Having recognizable branding and color schemes will help offset you from the competition. It's an imperative part of marketing strategies, especially if you intend to coordinate your marketing across multiple platforms.

    Branding isn't only important online. When you're setting up your trade show booths, you should take into account your ideal marketing techniques. Every display aspect should be neatly labeled for organized cohesion. Labels are a great way to give customers instant access to information about your product or service.

  2. Photos are your friend

    Today's fast-paced digital world is dominated by selfies and Instagram documentation. If you include a photo booth in your display, you'll increase your foot traffic. Most people, particularly millennials, like to document their day-to-day lives for social media. A photo booth is a great place for people to stop and document their experiences. In the process, you draw them closer to your booth and command their attention.

    To make an photo-op particularly desirable, you can include costume characters and fun props as well. It's easy to make photo op spaces by using retractable banners or step and repeat backdrops. You might also want to add a picture frame that utilizes the branding colors and logo of your company.

    Photo booths are good for more than just foot traffic. You can use an iPad or a smartphone to take high-quality pictures of passersby. If they want to access the photos you've taken, you can have them enter their email into your company database. You'll email them the photo, along with updates on your company.

  3. Integrate your social media into your presentations

    The combination of social media with photo-ops has already been explored. But this isn't the only way that social media can work to your advantage. Different social media accounts can be used to attract visitors to your company's booth.

    It's never too early to start posting about the event on social media. Social media posts will help to increase the hype and buzz surrounding the event, especially the things your particular business has to offer. To make your posts easily found, use relevant hashtags. If your particular trade show has its own hashtag, you should tag your posts with this as well.

    During the event itself, you can continue to post on social media. Event-goers who see your posts in the event tag will be interested in visiting your booth. Have your important social media information printed on your trade show banners so that it's easy for participants to follow you. This will help you hugely with future networking opportunities.

  4. Offer goodies

    You should be careful about the offers you make to passersby. You want your potential swag to entice an audience, but you don't want it to be so expensive that the event's purpose is defeated.

    One of the most important resources at a trade show is technology. Network access is intertwined with this. Participants and visitors are always checking their social media feeds and email inboxes for updates. One quick way to draw people in is by setting up a charging station for their various portable electronics.

  5. Think outside your space

    Your booth might adhere to standard dimensions but you can add elements that draw the eye from a large distance away. These elements might increase your vertical height, or they might add sparkle to catch a person's attention.

    Hanging overhead banners at trade shows are visible from a long distance. Attendees want to find out what's below the banner. If you can create a banner, make sure it displays your brand colors and business logo.

    There are other options if you don't want to use a banner. You can have a custom printed flag that reflects the color scheme and logo of your business. When you set up, you should position your flag so that it extends from your booth. If a large flag is mounted on top of a vertical pole on your booth, it will be visible from a long distance away.

  6. Make an offer exclusive to the trade show

    Maybe customers will receive 10% off their first order if they use a coupon code that you're giving out at the trade show. Any number of other potential discounts are possible.

  7. Demonstrate your products or services

    This tip is most effective when you're selling a physical product. If it's possible to demo it during the show, you should do so. When you allow buyers to view your product in action, they're far more likely to be interested than if you'd merely talked about the item.

    The number of demos you perform is up to you. It will depend largely on the type of product you sell. Demos might occur individually as people approach the trade booth, or you might schedule your demos for specified times to build a bigger crowd.

  8. Use interactive elements in your display

    When you make your display interactive, you turn your business from a demonstration into an experience. You'll pique the interest of potential consumers, and you'll be more easily remembered later. Gamification is one of the most popular ways to make your display interactive.

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