5 Projection Mapping Ideas to Boost Brand Event Engagement

Posted by | 09-04-2018

Projection mapping is a newer technology that turns objects into a unique display surface for a variety of video projection needs. These objects are often oddly shaped and wouldn’t otherwise seem like they could be used as a screen of sorts. You may see a building, a stage or smaller indoor objects functioning as projection mapping vessels. This technology is becoming more and more popular and it is often used to add extra dimension to brand events and engage guests. With people being amazed by art such as this that plays on our senses and fools our eyes, it makes sense to use it to our advantage in a marketing platform. Let’s take a look at five projection mapping ideas that will help boost brand event engagement:

  3D Mapping  

This is a big step up from 2D mapping and it really sets the scene for a successful brand event. Multiple projectors are used as well as edge blending to create a seamless look. Even molds have been made for this purpose and has been used at auto shows. Brands will create a foam model of the vehicle they are looking to promote and can then project a variety of eye-catching images to convey much more than just the vehicle sitting there would.


You can showcase a number of images to your attendees with projection mapping but use it at as a chance to show who you really are. You can showcase what your brand does and what they offer but taking those images even further and wowing your audience with exceptional content will help you stand out from your competitors.

  Your Surface  

The first decision you really need to make when planning out projection is what your surface is going to be. Don’t limit yourself to something like a wall or a screen. Utilize the whole building you are in or the entire ceiling. You can create a colorful and beautiful marketing display this way.

  Playing on Imagination  

It is important to properly represent your brand at an event but taking imagination to the next level can create a magical event that people won’t soon forget. This is how you can include your brand name, create brand engagement and get it to stay with people so they think of your business next time they are in need of a product or service. Create images and scenes that nobody else would think of.

  Make an Announcement  

Maybe you are releasing a new product. Promote brand engagement with projection mapping to show what people can expect, but don’t forget to impress them.


Projection mapping ideas allow for much more than just plain projection does. You get a landscape of images on multiple surfaces coming from multiple projections and rather than one image your brain sees a full panoramic image of something intricate and unique. The process itself isn’t hard to achieve and it can be used successfully and affordably at a variety of events.

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