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Big Digital – 10 Intelligent Ways to Use a Social Media Wall (using a projector or touch screen)

Posted by | 21-05-2018

Social media is a new playground for companies and marketers seeking to push their product out into the public sphere. Viral ad campaigns can bring in a hefty profit, and effective use of a platform can propel an event or company into a new age of brand recognition. The most successful advertisers in this field have risen to become household names.

From small businesses to large corporations, many event organizers are using social media walls to capitalize on all the positives of the online sphere, in conjunction with an in-person event. A social media wall displays via digital signage posts made on social media for everyone present to see and participate in, and can generate much positive results with relatively little effort.

What do Social Media Walls Do?

A social media wall displays a live feed of posts on various platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram, on tech signs at an event such as a projector or touch screen. These posts may be from staff at the event to provide a behind-the-scenes look at how it runs, or they may provide a chance for attendee engagement i.e. through seeing their post about the event displayed for everybody to see.

These can be very advantageous - if used correctly. The following are 10 ways to use a social media wall efficiently to promote an event or business.

1. Choose The Best Type Of Feed

The wall is only as effective as what it displays, after all. The two main kinds of walls are Account Feed walls and Hashtag Feed walls.

An Account Feed displays only social media posts from a specific account or series of accounts. This allows the organizer or moderator to filter what shows up on the wall. This type of feed is useful if there is a fear of inappropriate content and it keeps the wall from being updated too quickly to read if a large attendance is expected.

A Hashtag Feed simply shows a live feed of all the posts with any hashtags you’ve chosen. This is best for smaller and more mature audiences and scenarios where the attendees would benefit from feeling more involved. Organizers should pick the type of feed that best suits their event.

2. Promote a Branded Hashtag

A hashtag with a brand name included, or related to it, is a way to increase visibility; when attendees can get involved by using the hashtag, they spread the word fast. Pick a hashtag with the branding in it and simply make sure attendees know what the hashtag is by placing it throughout the event or business space. This is will how event marketing can be done with minimal effort. Indeed, your customers or attendees are essentially doing the marketing for you.

3. Generate Social Proof

Incentivizing following an account or posting in a hashtag increases that ever-important social media clout and increase a business’s credibility by sheer force of numbers. Lush, for example, has three hundred and twenty four thousand followers on Twitter, and how could that many people be wrong? Having more followers or more posts in a hashtag snowballs into greater social proof, which can only benefit your business.

4. Keep Attendees or Customers Engaged

One of the greatest strengths of a live social media feed that all users can see is that it makes people feel more involved with the event or business they are at. By giving the people the chance to interact with the company or event, they become more likely to retain the relationship, and involvement going - by buying a product, or referring the business to a friend. Adding a social media challenge or a call-to-action directly on tech signs used is an easy way to achieve this.

5. Have a Social Media Manager

Whether the feed used is account or hashtag based, the best way to maximize the benefits of a wall is to have at least one person actively manage it. Keeping an eye out for profanity and inappropriate content is necessary, as is posting promoted content to show up on the feed at regular intervals, too, for constant interaction with users. This keeps the wall fun and family-friendly, and helps avoid a PR mishap.

6. Generate Traction at Shared Events

Social media walls on digital signage draw useful attention to a company if they are competing for space at a booth or any other shared-space event. The wall’s uniqueness will draw users to the booth or space and create more buzz for your business.

7. Make The Wall Engaging

Users will be more likely to participate if there is something in it for them, be it rewards or entertainment. Issue a challenge, facilitate competition, offer a discount or an award, or think up another solution that will be mutually beneficial between you and customers. Free or cheaper products are particularly compelling incentives.

8. Promote Sales

A social media wall’s ultimate purpose is to benefit the business or event it is used at, and there is something to be said for the effectiveness of simply posting promotions directly, to be displayed on the wall. Posting the promotions this way effectively catches people’s eyes and increases the views on the ads that were posted. This can be done automatically on many systems or manually by a Social Media Manager.

9. Include a Call-To-Action

If the wall is displayed prominently enough, people will see it and pay attention to it. Whatever the purpose of the wall is, include a call-to-action that furthers that goal, whether it’s promotional or a calling to buy a product. This should be bold, obvious, and easily readable from a distance - as the most important part of the wall.

10. Display The Wall Prominently

There’s no use in having a wall if it’s not perfectly visible to all of your users. The wall should be large and in a common, easy-to-spot location so all of the people at your event or in your business can view and participate with it. Projectors and touch screens are viable options for this purpose.

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