10 Amazing Examples of Experiential Marketing at Events

Posted by | 09-04-2018

Experiential marketing allows the customer to actively engage with a brand. To be successful at this, brands have to come up with creative ideas to connect with their customer on an intimate level. Sometimes this means they have to take a break from the hard sell or using the traditional advertising methods. Ultimately, experiential brand activations give companies the opportunity to provide customers a brand experience that is memorable, creative, interactive and meaningful. To see just how effective these strategies can be and how they have been used by top brands, we take a look at 10 amazing examples of experiential marketing at events. In learning from these successful experiential marketing examples you will be able to understand the true value of this marketing technique and how revolutionary it can be for your company.

1 - Blinkbox's Giant Dragon Skull for the Season 3 Premier of Game of Thrones

Blinkbox put a giant dragon skull on a beach to celebrate the start of the widely popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

2 - Delta's Stillness in Motion at the 2015 TED Conference

Delta gave out orbs that let people see when their heart rates slowed down. By holding the glowing orbs they could see when they were relaxing. Delta even let them take orbs home so they’d remember this creative campaign.

3 - American Express Provides Digital Access at 2014 US Open

This is one of the most interactive campaigns. At the 2014 U.S. Open, American Express gave out custom activity tracking wristbands, had holograms for photo opportunities, sent emails to participants with activity information, and encouraged attendees to engage on social media.

4 - Luke's Diner pop up to celebrate Gilmore Girls comeback

In 2016, Gilmore Girls created an awesome campaign to let customers experience the show in real life by dining at Luke's Diner, a recreation of the hangout spot in the show. The event gave viewers a once-in-a-lifetime experience and generated buzz among fans of the show on social media.

5 - 3D Oreos at SXSW

Mondelez International let festival goers try 3D printed Oreos at SXSW in 2014. The flavors used were live trending on Twitter and digitally produced via a 3D printer.

6 - Smirnoff's Comic Book Industry Party

This industry event part let graphic artists, musicians, celebrities and party-goers literally step into a scene of their favorite graphic novel.

7 - Gatorade Combine at SXSW 2017

Allowed participants to take a digitally interactive combine. Combines are tests used to see if an athlete is physically fit enough to play in the big time.

8 - Vice + Delta Launchpad Events

Delta Airlines partnered with Vice to teach young inspiring entrepreneurs how to makes waves in the entertainment industry. They created great events in various cities that appealed directly to their target demographic.

9 - Samsung at 2012 London Olympics

At the 2012 Olympics, Samsung used a promotional campaign where attendees had the opportunity to win new Samsung products and trips in exchange for a visit to various event locations and use of their products. The campaign was a hit and is recognized as the first “social” Olympic games.

10 - Glamour Beauty Festival at London Saatchi Gallery in 2017

Glamour Magazine leveraged everyone in the industry, from celebrities to top designers to create a must-see event that promoted their magazine and won attendees hearts. These ten experiential marketing examples are some inspiring ways that companies have leveraged this highly powerful marketing technique at events. These examples show company prowess and ingenuity to create an engaging experience for customers that helps them to connect on a deeper level. Need some ideas for your next brand activation? Contact Big Digital today to learn more.


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