SafeChek Amber Mac Interview

During an interview on The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael Julian Bancroft, the Co-founder of Big Digital, Michael Girgis reveals how SafeChek’s digital entranceway tech is helping mobilize businesses with features such as capacity

SafeChek Humble&Fred Interview

BIG Digital’s Safechek Co-Founders Jake Neiman & Michael Girgis do it again with another “great Canadian innovation” The Humble and Fred Pirate Radio (May 2020)

SafeChek CBC Interview

“Is this building at capacity?  Imagine being able to know the exact wait time in a line up… exactly what is in stock” said Michael Girgis, Founder of Big Digital’s SafeChek during an interview


May 12, 2020 / The Canadian Business Journal Canadian technology leader BIG Digital Corp  launches their SafeChek™digital entranceway technology to support the safe opening and operations of businesses across North America.   SOURCE: