Activation Environments

BIG’s custom container solutions help businesses and brands create an immersive activation environment for any use. For one-time or permanent install, one location or multi-location programs, BIG has your solution.

We work with your team to create custom-holistic experiences incorporating the use of all of the senses with sound, visuals, and interactivity through touch or movement.

We help our clients realize the efficiencies of pop-up activations as opposed to permanent and traditional bricks and mortel experiences.
All custom container activations can be:
  • fully branded
  • weather rated
  • digital ready
  • Landscape configured or vertically stacked
  • Available for rent or buying
BIG supports your team, managing shipping & handling logistics, as well as on-site logistics, as needed. BIG solutions are efficiently designed to promote safe and easy shipping, as well as quick and easy set-ups at each location
Book an ideation session with us to learn more about how our teams can work together to create BIG & impactful installations and campaigns.


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