We unify the digital & physical to create real-life experiences with BIG impact.

20 years ago the founders of BIG Digital met and shortly after launched Canada’s largest Information & Safety Digital Signage Network in the Toronto Transit Commission; then in Airports, Residential Buildings, Hotels, and Retail locations.  Today we  are recognized as a leading North American provider of immersive digital technology solutions and experiences, with on-site analytics.

What differentiates us from other multimedia companies and producers is that we are an all-in-one shop.  From ideation to realization we cover all bases.  Our turnkey approach includes conceptualization, content creation, design, engineering, installation, and around the clock support.

Our content first approach puts the "think" before the "pixel".  Too often, organizations invest in beautiful hardware without a viable content plan that ensures their investments stay relevant. We specialize in the software, sensors & systems required to ensure every digital install maximizes long-term value & audience engagement.

Our collective goal at BIG Digital is to amaze, inspire & engage audiences in any space.

Book an ideation session with us to learn more about how our teams can work together to create installations that welcome, engage & inspire.

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